Islanders Making Waves in 2017

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Photo Credit: Wil Bignal Photography

No one saw it coming.  Everyone knows that building a team takes time, especially when most of your players are new to the sport. This was the Islanders in 2016.  They went through the 2016 season without a win, but established themselves as a “take no prisoners”, rough and tough team.  There was one critical ingredient that the team was missing…..EXPERIENCE.  

However, this year came as a shock to the other opponents who expected to pretty much the same team.  But when the defending Champions – Lady Warriors – saw some veterans step onto the court for the Islanders, their smiles disappeared quickly! And for good reason.  By the time the smoke cleared, the defending champions found themselves in shock; losing to the Islanders 42-33.  With the addition of players like Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice, Renee Thompson, Scimone Campbell, Krystle Barrett and Christsania Parker, the Islanders are now a force to be reckoned with.  

Coach Voot gives instructions to the Islanders by: Wil Bignal Photography