Fearless Win Under 16 Girls Championship

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Everyone loves it when the game goes down to the wire! That’s exactly what happened when the Women of Valor Fearless took met their counterparts, Women of Valor Courage in the finals of the PwC under 16 Girls League title match.  

These young ladies were anything but lady-like when the jump ball took place, making it clear they were all about business and could save the pleasantries until after the final whistle.  The game saw several lead changes and it was unclear as to who was walking away with the crown.  Latoya Brown of the WoV Courage dominated the paint, blocking almost anything that came near her and intimidating her opponents.  Lyandrea Watson was all over the court and all over the stat sheet, doing whatever was required to get her team to victory, scoring, rebounding and also snatching the ball away whenever it came in her vicinity.

But it was the the day when Fearlessness would prove more valiant that Courage as Shante Reid and Zaria Ebanks combined for 25 of their team’s 33 points and led their team to a 1 point victory in the dying seconds of the game! Ebanks and Reid were also most dominant for their teams on the boards, combing for 18 rebounds.   

Final Score: WV Fearless 33 points vs WV Courage 32 points
Winners – Fearless – Zaria Ebanks – 13 PTS, 12 REBS, 1 ST
                                 Shante Reid – 12 PTS, 6 REBS, 3 AS, 5 STS
Losing Team – WV Courage – Latoya Brown – 12 PTS, 11 REBS, 1 ST, 5 BLS
                                                 Lyandrea Watson – 9 PTS, 7 REBS, 2 AS, 6 STS, 1
FINALS MVP – Zaria Ebanks – WV Fearless
Photo Credit: Wil Bignal Photography