Islanders Making Waves in 2017

Photo Credit: Wil Bignal Photography

No one saw it coming.  Everyone knows that building a team takes time, especially when most of your players are new to the sport. This was the Islanders in 2016.  They went through the 2016 season without a win, but established themselves as a “take no prisoners”, rough and tough team.  There was one critical ingredient that the team was missing…..EXPERIENCE.  

However, this year came as a shock to the other opponents who expected to pretty much the same team.  But when the defending Champions – Lady Warriors – saw some veterans step onto the court for the Islanders, their smiles disappeared quickly! And for good reason.  By the time the smoke cleared, the defending champions found themselves in shock; losing to the Islanders 42-33.  With the addition of players like Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice, Renee Thompson, Scimone Campbell, Krystle Barrett and Christsania Parker, the Islanders are now a force to be reckoned with.  

Coach Voot gives instructions to the Islanders by: Wil Bignal Photography


Lunn leads Dream past Islanders

The 2016 finals runner up, Dream, took on the new league sensation, the Islanders on May 7th at the Clifton Hunter High School Gym.

This year’s Islanders team has definitely 10X’ed their performance compared to last year, with additions such as Scimone Campbell, Jennifer Cottarelo-Choice, Krystle Barrett, Renee Thompson and Christsania Parker.  The game was fast and furious, seeing lead change after lead change and big play after big play.  But in the 4th quarter, Eve Lunn turned on the heat and made the Islanders pay for leaving her open on the 3-point line, hitting four huge baskets from behind the arc and putting the Dream out front.  

Final Score Dream – 49
Islanders – 47
Dream – 
Eve Lunn – 18 pts; 9 rebs, 1st
Carmen Picante – 9 pts; 5 as; 5 sts
Theresa Hamel – 8 pts; 11 rebs; 
Islanders – 
Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice – 14 pts; 5 rebs; 6 sts
Krystle Barrett – 11 pts; 10 rebs; 3 sts
Scimone Campbell – 10 pts; 21 rebs; 4 as; 8 sts
Photo Credit: Wil Bignal Photography

Women of Valor put the Brakes on Islanders

Women’s basketball continues to heat up as the national women’s league is enjoying very balanced competitive games. The women of valor took on the Islanders who are much stronger this year and have gotten off to a great start by defeating the defending champions, Lady Warriors, in their season debut. The woman of valor however wanted to make sure that this start would not continue with them. Led by Guiesha Smith, The women of valor played a very up tempo game and focused their efforts on Islanders’ leader Scimone Chin. Both teams were neck and neck for the vast majority of the game and it was only until the final four minutes of the fourth quarter that the women of valor were finally able to pull away and get a small amount of breathing room.

Final Score 45-40 in favor of Women of Valor who are the only undefeated team thus far and will face the Lady Warriors this coming Sunday.

Guiesha Smith led the WOV with 14 points, 17 rebounds and 6 blocks.
Jade Wheeler also posted 14 points, but added 9 rebounds and 3 steels to her tally.

For the Islanders, Scimone Chin had 6 points, a league high 13 steals and 11 rebounds, just shy of a triple double.
Teammate Renee Thompson had a monster game on the boards, pulling down 18 rebounds. Jennifer Cotarelo-Choice also had an impressive game, finishing with 8 points, 6 steals and 6 assists.

Photo Credit: Wil Bignal Photography