Prospect Primary Takes Primary School Boys Crown

The Fix-It Celltronics Primary School league boasted an afternoon filled with excitement and stars, Prospect Primary School emerged victorious after a dramatic comeback!  They faced basketball powerhouse, Truth for Youth School – who has won multiple titles and practically makes it to the finals every year.  Truth for Youth led early, passing the ball very well, spreading the floor and finding weaknesses in their opponents’ defense.  But Prospect Primary School did not give up!  They slowly began to chip away at the 6 point lead that T4Y maintained most of the game.  

Led by Joshua Campbell, PPS turned up the heat by applying a man to man defense and with their incredible athleticism, they were able to speed up the pace of the game which worked in their favor!  By the final two minutes of the 4th quarter, PPS had a 4 point lead; but T4Y was not done!  After making one attempt at the free throw line, Truth For Youth managed to get an offensive rebound and a put back to bring the game to within 1 point.  However, Prospect managed to play “keep away” with the ball long enough for the final buzzer to expire and raised the Trophy in Victory! 

Final Score: 14-13 in favor of Prospect Primary.

Joshua Campbell was the MVP with 6 points and 5 steals.