Savannah Primary Are The Queens of Basketball

There’s no doubt that girls don’t mess around with their crown!  And this year’s Fix-It Celltronics primary school girls league proved just that.  From the onset, the defending champions – Truth for Youth School – were out for the repeat; and for a while it appeared that the crown would be returning to Truth for Youth School yet again.  But Savannah Primary refused to give up and slowly chipped away at the T4Y lead.  Tensions were mounting as the Truth for Youth fans saw their lead slowly diminishing, and the more Savannah scored, the higher the morale grew for their fans.  Neither team would allow any easy baskets.  Neither team was going to hand over the championship; it was obvious that the title would have to be earned that day.

Chloe Ebanks and Soleya Manzanares led the comeback charge for savannah, who didn’t take the lead until just minutes left in the 4th quarter.  although Naomi Hunter and the Truth for Youth squad gave a valiant effort to regain the lead, they ran out of time much to the joy of the Savannah Primary fans!  

Final Score – 11-8 in favor of Savannah Primary

Chloe Ebanks was the MVP, finishing with 5 points, 4 steals and 2 rebounds.