Lady Warriors wake up Dream

The defending champions Lady Warriors were able to defeat their rivals the Dream despite suffering their first loss in their season opener.
The Warriors, led by Captain Dionne Anglin, got off to an early start, pounding the ball down in the post and taking advantage of their post mismatches. The Dream made A few runs in an attempt to bring the game back but each time they cut the deficit the Warriors would take a turn of their own and open the lead back up. Although Maggie Ebanks fouled out halfway through the third quarter the Lady Warriors were able to hold off the Dream to a final score of 34-29. In the end, the Warriors defense proved too difficult for the Dream to overpower as the warriors had a team league high 10 blocks and also had 17 second chance opportunities. 

For the Warriors, Dionne Anglin led with 12 points, 12 rebounds and 4 blocks. Teammate Stacey Kelly added 4 points, a game high 18 rebounds and 4 blocks.

For the Dream: Kimberley Ebanks led with 9 points and 10 rebounds.