Warriors take PwC U-16 Title

Fans could not have asked for a better final.  The two top teams of the highly contested PwC under 16 Boys league – Warriors and Heat – faced off for the 2017 bragging rights.  Both teams came out with a lightning fast pace! Attacking the basket with reckless abandon and playing “in your face” defense.  It was obvious that no team was intimidated by the other and both were hungry for the title. 

The Warriors decided to focus on Heat leader Ian MacRae, limiting his touches and making every basket difficult and highly contested. But his teammates Jabari Walrond and Lauren Brown stepped up to the challenge to carry the team.

The Heat decided to focus on taking Joshua O’Garro out of the picture. Although O’Garro was still scoring, he got into foul trouble early, which forced his Coach John Ebanks to sit him practically the entire 3rd quarter. While O’Garro was on the bench, Joanki Espinar and Shay Lalor rose to the challenge offensively. 

In the end, the Warriors were able to come up with some key defensive stops that allowed them to create a cushion in the final two minutes of the game to seal the championship! 

Warriors – 58 points vs Heat 49 points

Winners – Warriors – Joshua O’Garro – 27 PTS, 8 REBS, 4 AS, 3 ST
                                  Joanki Espinar – 9 PTS, 10 REBS, 4 AS
Losing Team – Heat – Jabari Walrond – 18 PTS, 5 REB, 3 AS, 6 STS
                                    Lauren Brown – 17 PTS, 10 REBS, 2 AS
FINALS MVP – Joshua O’Garro – Warriors

Warriors Hold Off Sol Blazers

The Warriors defeated the defending champions – Sol Blazers at Clifton Hunter High School Gymnasium last night.  The Blazers came out firing on all cylinders, jumping out to an early lead; but the Warriors switched their defense to keep the Blazers off the glass: it paid off!  Back came the warriors with a reckless abandon, erasing a 12 point deficit.  From there, both teams would trade baskets and runs the entire game, but the Warriors would take the lead with 2 minutes to go and not look back.  In the dying seconds of the game, only down by 1 point, the Blazers stole the ball and attacked the basket for what seemed to be a definite lead change and possibly a game winner.  But the Warriors’ Kenval Bryan had a different idea!  Bryan leaped into the air and pasted the Blazer’s shot attempt against the backboard in what can only be described as a look-alike to Lebron James’ game winning block in last year’s NBA finals. Final Score – 70-67. 

For the Warriors, Collin Anglin led all Scorers with 26 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals while Omari Corbin added a monster 18 point, 20 rebound game. Kenval Bryan added 18 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks. 

For the Blazers: Kevin Maxwell Led the way with 23 points, 18 rebounds and 2 blocks while Philip Reid added 17 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. 

Watch the interview below as Dionne Anglin interviewed him.  She was a true sport because she had just finished playing in her season opener right before the men’s game.


Warriors Edge Past Hoopsters

The undefeated Warriors took on the young Hoopsters team at the Clifton Hunter High School on April 9th.  The Hoopsters came out with a full court press and took an early lead; in fact, they would lead for 90% of the game and it wasn’t until the final 5 minutes of the game that the Warriors would see their first lead.  This game proved experience over youth as the Warriors stuck to their strategy of attacking the basket and getting a few key Hoopsters into foul trouble. 

Hoopsters 65 points v Warriors 74 points

  • Winner – Warriors – Collin Anglin 31 pts; 2 as; 2 sts,  Kenval Bryan 15 pts; 12 rebs; 3 as; 1 st; 3 bls, Andrew Wisdom 13 pts; 22 rebs; 3 sts
  • Losing Team – Hoopsters Jamaal Miller 19 pts; 9 rebs; 3 as; 4 sts; 1 bl, Juawon Ebanks 17 pts; 7 rebs; 3 as; 3 sts, Jamel Winton 13 pts; 7 rebs; 3 as; 3 sts

National Men’s League Results Round 7

Sunday April 2

Game 1- Warriors 96 points v Celltronics 83 points

  • Winner – Warriors – *Collin Anglin 49 pts; 4 rebs; 4 as; 2 sts – *Season High
                                         Kenval Bryan – 31 pts; 15 rebs; 1as; 2 bls
  • Losing Team – Celltronics – Daniel Mowatt 19 pts
                                                     Shawn Smith 15 pts; 7 rebs

 Game 2 – Juniors 68 points v Hoopsters 66 points

  • Winner – Juniors – Tareque Simpson 21 pts; 9 rebs; 3 as; 7 sts; 3 bls
                                  Joshua O’Garro 16 pts; 5 rebs; 4 as; 6 sts; 1 bl
                                             Bryce Thompson – 12 pts; 9 rebs; 5 as; 4 sts; 3 bls
  • Losing Team – Hoopsters – Juawon Ebanks – 22 pts; 5 rebs; 4 as; 10 sts
                                             Jamaal Miller – 14 pts; 6 rebs; 3 as; 5 sts


Thursday April 6

Game 1- Charterland 70 points v Sol Blazers 79 points

  • Winner – Sol Blazers – Kevin Maxwell 17 pts; 9 reb; 2 bls
                                 Phillip Reid 15 pts; 8 rebs; 4 sts
                                                   Nikolai Marquis 14 pts; 6 rebs; 4 as; 2 sts
  • Losing Team – Charterland – Wil Koutney 21 pts; 3 rebs
                                                 Ryan Dolan 16 pts; 2 rebs

Game 2 – Maples 39 points v Silver Bullets 104 points

  • Winner – Silver Bullets – Kwei General 26 pts; 12 rebs; 4 as; 2 sts
                                        Peter Grant 23 pts; 6 rebs; 7 as; 9 sts; 1 bl
                                                          Davion Cotterell 22 pts; 6 rebs; 3 as; 8 sts
  • Losing Team – Maples – James Ebanks 15 pts; 3 rebs; 3 as; 3 sts
                                        Jonathan Allen 8 pts; 11 rebs